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The inauguration of the Gateway Earth Development Group, Oxford, UK, November 2015

The inauguration of the Gateway Earth Development Group, Oxford, UK, November 2015

GEDG Chairman and Policy Lead

Matjaz Vidmar is a postgraduate researcher in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Matjaz is a Physicist by training, specializing in Astronomical Instrumentation, but primarily researches innovation and business incubation in the Astronomy and Space sector, such as in satellites and ground-based telescopes. His other interests span History, Philosophy and Sociology of Astronomy and Innovation, and he is currently researching the practices of naming celestial objects, and biographies of Scottish Astrophysicists. He is also a science communicator at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh Visitor Centre, where he is speaking to a variety of audiences about Astronomy and the emerging technologies. However, he is happiest when he has time to just look up in the night sky and marvel at the beauty of the Universe. Find out more about Matjaz.

Economics/Market Analysis Lead

Andrew Luers is a member of the “Gateway Earth” development group and serves as the groups Market/Economics lead while also exploring relevant technical aspects of power, propulsion and in-space manufacturing. Andrew currently leads a software and data start up and is completing a PhD in Atomic and Laser Physics from the University of Oxford. Previously Andrew was a Principal with the Boston Consulting Group where his focus was energy and sustainability. Andrew holds masters degrees from MIT in Aerospace Engineering and in Technology Policy and a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Economics from TCU.

Andrew is a member of AIAA and serves on the emerging technologies in Space committee and volunteers his time with the Oxford Physics outreach program encouraging local students’ interest and involvement in the sciences. Andrew’s primary interests are in bringing technology and business models together to address the challenges of sustainable energy production here on earth and to further the exploration of space beyond.

Technical Lead

Katy Voisey is an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham. She is a materials scientist with experience working with a wide variety of materials including metallic glasses, superalloys, carbon fibre composites and thermal barrier coatings. Her main areas of research are laser materials processing, coatings and corrosion. She is the space lead at the University of Nottingham’s Institute for Aerospace Technologies, where she is working to increase the university’s engagement with the challenges of the growing UK space industry. Katy is particularly interested in in-space manufacturing and in-space re-use and recycling of resources.

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Founder, Support Consultant

Derek Webber, a former satellite and launch vehicle systems engineer, Head of Procurement at a satellite services organization, and Managing Director of a satellite broadband provider, has citations in "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" and "Who's Who in the World", and has made contributions to the creation of the space tourism industry and commercial space exploration initiatives for nearly two decades.